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A Friend inspired Poem


Cancer Scare


A lot of people are effected by this disease. A friend of mine is now in remission but she still has those days. When she went to the doctor because she got some abnormal test back.The fear that she would leave her family and her children motherless. Thats a fear that many woman go through but keep silent. She sat in that chair in the doctors office hearing the results. I could see all the color drain from her face as her doctor told her cancer. After what seemed like forever we got into the car with a plan. I hugged her and told her it would be ok.




I won’t go to deep into what she went through as it’s not my story to tell . The hugest thing for her was hair loss . She was always in pain and one day as she was taking a shower. she screamed while I was playing with the kids. I ran upstairs and she was holding clumps of her hair in her hands crying. I wanted to just make everything better for her. She went through a deep depression. As her husband had to help her with the kids . Her mom also helped get through those tough times.


It took her a while to get back to herself again. Going through such a painful thing is very much life changing . Sadly many people lose that fight and the world is poorer for it. 4 years had passed since she got those results. She has her low periods at times. I wanted to do something for her. Sometimes we need a visual representation of the battles we fought through. thats where this poem called energy came from. I wrote it,framed it for her. we had a huge party to celebrate life.


Energy The poem

Where energy flows , intentions goes

It gives power to the mind
so the body follows
the doctor gives you pills
 that make you feel hollow
Leaving you to wonder
how to get back to yourself
You can’t help but feel
 it might leave you by yourself
Sick , torn and broken
Your hair keeps falling out
 blood pressure sky high
That you can’t help but think
Will this take me out
That you can’t help but think
 will this disease
 make me leave my babies
So you stop and plan
 at night you toss and turn
Thinking will this work out
Praying on your knee
 saying lord please just help me out
Then you get that call
ma’am it’s all gone
Your mama dries her eye
 I thought my baby gone
4 years have past
 Since those faith word
so  you ask yourself
will you  get up and fight
For in your mind
the lord gave you strength
 so you continue the fight .


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