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Are You Chasing The Feeling Of Happiness ?

The Question Of Happiness


this was the question that was asked of a group of people in an exercise. Having the teacher run around a classroom. To give a visual representation of what she was communicating was so thought-provoking. Of how some of us may give the task of our happiness to others. when we do that, we give up being responsible for ourselves. Now that statement hit me like a ton of bricks. it did cause me to think in depth about my life. was I really doing the same thing? no not me. Ok yes, there is some truth to this. wanting to know how to just Be in the moment? click on the photo below to read it.



The Exercise Breakdown


At some point in life. you start to think man I want to be happy.My career has taken off. Maybe if I get a boyfriend to share my life with I will be happy. We will call the guy Larry. you and Larry are in the honeymoon phase of the relationship. your walking into the office all smiles on a Monday morning. Nothing can shake that feeling for you. After three years with him . you can’t help but feel not as happy. In enters Gary into your life. but the issues with Larry are still there.

Marriage will make me happy

The break up with Larry still is there but Gary makes you so happy.The honeymoon glow is back. Three more years go by with Gary .then you can’t help but start to have problems with Gary. Talking with your friends about it. They tell you how a friend of a friend got married. How happy that person is now with her new life. Well, that just might be the ticket to me finally being happy. you break up with Gary and meet Mike. Mike is so much better than Larry, and Gary. Soon You Guys get married .honeymoon glow is in full effect now. After Four years The glow starts to go. A nice family visit can’t happen soon enough for you. The advice given is kids will make your life so much happier. They say that kids enrich your life.


Whole Life Chasing Happiness


On the advice of others, you start to have kids. I could go on and on with this. I think by now you get the point. The teacher is running around the room with seven people behind her. They all represent the boyfriends, husbands, and kids. some people spend their whole life chasing this feeling.  Tasking people in there lives with the responsibility of making you happy. When in fact the only one capable of doing that is ourselves. It’s our choice, our life.

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