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Are You Having Infertility Issues ?

The Beginning

This is going to be the hardest post for me to talk about . Having been here before I know some suffer from this .Endometriosis is a very really thing for many women out there myself included .For some they have to wait until after marriage to find out that they suffer from it . After having 9 miscarriages is when it came to light that I have this issue as well . Arming yourself with as much information as possible to understand how to battle this is the very first step . The second is knowing that for some doctors that they won’t do a miscarriage workup till the third one .Then you should get the break down of whats going on with your body .


The Workup

Having had this done it may take a few week after the blood work is done . Learning that in my case I suffered from endometriosis as well as estrogen dominance, clotting disorder, and low progesterone. For me as soon as I became pregnant. In my case I had to take progesterone supplements,folic acid, and baby aspirin .Learning whats going on with your body is the key .Google became my best friend . I also wanted to do it as close to naturally as possible .For the website I used I will put the link to the page as I gathered this information from it .I’ll add please talk with your doctor about these supplements. Everything has it’s pros and cons . Make sure your ok with both of those first .



Maca Root : Balances the hormones.maca is able to do this through nourishing and balancing the endocrine system .

DIM: Helps to balance the hormones by breaking down the excess estrogen and removing it from the body. Endometriosis is an estrogen dominant condition.Should help the body reduce the growth of excess endometrial tissues.

Dong Quai: Increases the circulation to the reproductive organs . It’s also iron rich which is two important aspects pf building a healthy uterine lining .

Vitex: boosts fertility and progesterone .



Information sited from this webpage

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