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Be Fearless

Big Dreams


I had this big idea when I woke up two weeks ago . It started off with remember how hard my journey was for me .How I shared a little bit more information on just me in general to . The feelings that you should not have to embark on a crazy tough journey without support for people who understand it .

Birds Of A Feather

I though maybe if I took everything I had learned on my journey to improve myself . Found others who were wanting to do the same . Give them a place to speak there minds . Also mix in some executions in there that would be a winning mix .


Announcment Time


I set up everything I was going to say . Had the kid,dinner,everything done before the time .Boom jumped on and recorded it .Then found out that it had not recorded at all .Cut in and out so badly that none could understand me . I quickly just did it again from scratch thought I messed up big time .I wanted to cry like crazy I was so upset .Guess what happened ??People loved it anyways . Sometimes no matter how perfect you try to make it . It just does not work so just do it again .


Community For Support

I’m forming a community for women and mom’s that have lost themselves,confidence,and self-belief . All it will cost is a program and you get me as your coach . To motivate and support you plus our community doing it together . I know that this may not be for everyone. If you could do one thing for me . If you could please share this blog so that someone who is searching for it may find it . No one should ever have to do this alone . If you know someone that could use our help please send them our way . We will contact them through Fackbook,website or e-mail to send them more information. You can also click on the link provided in this blog for more information.

Thank you as always for all the love and support . I greatly appreciate it and every single one of you .

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Our mission is to help our community as a whole connect with readily available resources to restore our active an inactive military families forge the bond in their life with their families.

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