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Brown Rice Take Down

Brown Rice Low Down

I’am  a lover of rice . So trust me when I say I know how to make this one . It’s one of my favorites because you can throw corn,beans,lentils and vegetables in it . To make the meal quick and easy meal.I image my shock and surprise when I tried to cook it the same way as the white rice .Yeah it was a total failure on that end . Once I learned the secrets of the rice the  I have it down pack now .Now my family has made the switch and can’t even tell the difference so that is  a plus in my book .


Brown Rice Take Down

First you have to make sure it has enough water . Rice takes a little bit of care involved to much water and it comes out like mush . To little water and it will come out like bits of hard grains . That is  why I love my rice cooker . I can set it up and forget it . Lets face it as a mom of toddler twins I need things to be  easy . Now the most important rule of all . Don’t lift up the top to much !!! The stream is what cooks the rice and makes it fluffy and soft . If you lift it up to much it will take longer to cook . Check it a couple of times and you can tell when it’s done . How ?? Well it will look nice and fluffy vs like a hard grain .

The Wrap Up

You can pair it with beans and a banana on the side . Yes I am Latina and I love eating it this way and it brings me back to my childhood days . I will  have to make another video on the Different ways you can take the flavor town train with brown rice .


What You Will Need :

1 Tablespoon Pink Himalayan sea salt

Some olive oil

4 cups of water

3 cups of brown rice

Rice Cooker or A pot

serving size is enough for 6 people


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