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Dealing With Difficult People & Boundaries

Who Are you ?

This Was A question That we ask ourselves pretty often. Life changes you in so many different ways. You go from being young and knowing what you want to do . Even some say I know where your going .Then Marriage,kids,and life happens . What do you do now ? It’s like you wake up from the fog of life . When those moments come where do you go to find those answers ? Thats when you start looking inside yourself . To find those answers for yourself . Your life does not have to end just because your a mom,wife,and student .

Boundaries Anyone ?

This is where it all happens and starts here .What are boundaries anyways ? they are lines that we all draw in the sand at some point or another . Think of them this way if a child wants to touch a candle . you tell them no right ? thats a boundary .It’s telling people what your ok with and what your not ok with. People will use you as a door mat till you let them know not anymore.It will make you feel weird at first . You will want to go back to the old way . why ? it’s easier to just give in to what others want you to do . Then you don’t have to say no . feeling the pressure to just quit ? click here for our blog post on just that .

Difficult People Anyone ?

We all have or know someone that will always not like what you do . They may even live to make your life miserable. Trust me I have some of those in my family. Let me be the first to let you know it’s ok to love someone from afar . Your not some selfish person for taking care of yourself . With practice it will become easier the more you do it . before you know it your standing on top of the mountain .enjoying the view and feeling great about it .

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Dan also helps people in recovery for drug and alcohol addiction .  looking for some help finding the right one for you ? message him on his page for help . he will help you anyway he can .


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