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Digging Deep Inside Yourself

One Thing After Another

When We went to a marriage retreat there was a pastor there . He said in life your either in the middle of it, beginning or end of it . Boy was he ever right when he said that . If it’s not the kids , home , money or good old health . Can make you want to give up hope on anything in life . So many people do just that sometimes . What does one hold on to when times get tough ?

Let The Fight Begin

We all have something we turn to in those tough time . Faith, prayer, kids, love even or thinking our way out of it . Faith has always been that one or laughter even . Sometimes we are fighters and never even knew it . That strength comes from deep inside of us all . My grandmother always told me we all have a reserve of strength inside us . We just have to find it in there .No matter how deep you think you have fallen . You can get yourself out of it . As the saying goes where theres a will ,theres a way .If your having trouble forgiving yourself  for giving up click here on the picture below .

Looking For Some Sunshine


In those moments when praying don’t work . Theres always podcasts to listen to in those time . They are free for most of them Joel Osteen is one we love to listen to in our house .Playing with the kids always brings a smile to our face . Lifts my spirits right up sometimes even a dance off on youtube . You will be surprised the moves you can learn just by having your kids teach you . My mother even when times were tough she always says keep your face towards the sun stephanie . Nobody ever went blind from looking at the bright side of things .



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