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Enough Is Enough

Energy shift


For the past two weeks I have noticed a lot of judgement post , just negativity in the air around . Even people just interacting with each other was just not in a polite way. Do you believe the full moon has people act crazy ? I do. Maybe that’s why everyone is in a negative mood lately . Times like this I can usually tune most of it out . Meditation music on and just go about my day.  I even have three different sets of earphones to tune everyone out while the kids are watching there shows. Just so when one set is charging ,theres another one. Since the boys went back to school after all it’s just us girls and the dog at home.I also feel like the kids can feel that energy as well. they tend feed off of our least thats what I think. remember back when your kids were babies ? if you had an argument , or were just angry they would be cranky to right ?

Starting To Get Angry


Yup, everyone knows I like to keep my anger in check. Not that there’s anything wrong with it. Just that there was no valid reason to be angry. Nobody did anything to me or anything . In those time I start to take a deeper look at what’s really bugging me . What was bothering me was that I’m see all this anger and hostility reminded me of something from my past. We all had a time or a point when we did let others treat us as doormats. Told us things or what they thought we were capable of doing. So as I’m watching this movie with the family . It comes to a battle scene with drums playing .

The Clap Back


When I feel that inspirational moment pulling at me . I just let it flow and come to me. For every person that has ever felt wronged . Pushed back , disrespected , told what your own capabilities are . It’s what Almost everyone has felt like at one point or another in there life. Taking a negative feeling and turning it into something positive. I wrote a poem titled the Drums of War.

The Drums of war


Look at me . What do you see ?
As I stand up to adversity
Always judging a book by it’s cover
Pushing on to me all your facts and your limitations
Believing if you shout loud enough it’s called a declaration
The one thing it says about you is how truly insecure you really are
Having to put down others, to make you feel good about yourself
Don’t worry , I’ll continue to pray for you harder then I pray for myself
For one thing I have learned is the judgement you pass onto others
Is how you really feel about yourself
I don’t worry about labels so much
For I stand with a crowd of support all around
With my high power speaking clearly
Adversity builds character.
As I humbly stand before you
Seeking progress not perfection
Unity instead of division
Instead of helping just yourself help educate others
By spreading knowledge people don’t have to sit and wonder
Standing together to build courage with others
Be a voice to the voiceless that’s true power
Encourage the dreamers to just keep work
Let your success be your noise as you remain silent .


So much energy

That poem took me through a range of emotions while writing it. So much so that after it was written I was still shaking . Not out of anger but of excitement. Like this feeling of being on cloud nine. Taking your mindset from a negative one and turning it to a positive is a daily practice. Life doesn’t stop,stressful moments will always continue. At the end of the day what’s most important is this. Can you look at yourself in the mirror and be proud of the person that’s staring back at you? I’ll end this with that very question being asked . I hope you all know how truly amazing you are. Never let anyone tell you what your capable of . They will always underestimate you every time. We even do it to ourselves. Hope you have an amazing week. Send each and everyone of you a huge hug .

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