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Epic Creation Poetry


Turning Pain Into Magic

You all know I  just recently started sharing some of my poetry . It’s something that I do when I’m in my emotions . Feeling a need to just get creative and putting pen to paper . Also talking with some amazing friends that have been through so rough stuff in life . When your backs against the wall and you don’t know what to do . You have to make a tough call about whatever your going through . That’s where my head was at with this poem .It’s something that I wanted to appeal to a very wide audience . Not a subject that was just a girl thing or a guy thing . An everybody emotion that we all feel sometimes . If we are really honest with ourselves . Taking a deep look at how we feel on the inside .


The Writing Process

This one took about two days to write it out . When you feel those creative juices flowing . You have got to write it down right then and there . Because trust me you will forget that amazing moment . Sharing this powerful creation with others was another thing . Getting so into the moment ,feelings can be a powerful feeling in it’s own right . Plus when you have the family pulling on you . Can be difficult to get this process recorded just the way you see it .


Sharing is caring

This is the hardest part about the whole thing . Making sure the moment does not carry you away . Which is pretty hard when you write such an emotional piece like this . When you love empowering people as much as I do . You know without an excuse it must be done . So here it is in all it’s glory . May it help you know your not alone and that you have always had the power to change .

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