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Have You Ever Heard Of The Negative Cycle ?

 The Low Down On The Cycle

When you start your morning and The power went out . Then can’t cook breakfast because of said power outage . That is how it starts and from there your day just gets worse . Now you have two choices . To either A turn your frown upside down or B just be mad all day and take all of that out on everyone you meet . My grandmother always told me attitudes are contagious. you know what ? she was right and that is how the cycle begins and spreads . It’s crazy how such a simple little things when put together can throw you off so badly and then in turn effect others . Crazy to look at it like that but that is  just the break down of the bad mood . So I know your asking how do you change that ? Simple A little thing called MINDSET !!!

Flipping The Mindset switch

It’s said that in order to reap your harvest it has to rain . So decide your not going to let it get to you . Put on some power tunes ,get up and dance, or go out with some friends . When you decided to change something in your life whatever that maybe . Life is going to test your will power by pushing you to see if you will find a way or find an excuse to go back . Once it knows your not going to go back and do that it will settle . Now don’t get me wrong Life is still going to try and push your buttons . Because you decided to change your mindset it will not shake you as badly as it once did . Soon you will see the change happening in your life . Your not as anger anymore , patience has grown , the clouds have parted and your happier. Funny how this mindset thing works right ?

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