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Finding The Blind Spots In Life

What Are Blind Spots ?

The biggest question of all .In short we all have them . they are flaws that we all have them . We just fail to see them unless you have some amazing friends that point them out .An example of a blind spot is lack of self confidence .which I’m sure we all suffer from to some degree or another .Being someone who always plays it safe in life . I can say that it’s the worse feeling in the world always being defensive .


That One Time

At some point in time your going to eventually do something differently .Maybe it will be a gut instinct or feeling .It will forever change your whole out look . maybe even your life for the better . want here about mine ? click on this link here to hear about . it’s not always the greatest hearing about a fault we have .It may even make you mad,cry, or think .Like this group of people did for me . At a point in my life where I questioned every move to make . The harsh reality is they kicked down some huge walls of mine without me even knowing it .


True Friends

When people can tell you the honest truth about each other . thats a beautiful thing in life . It gives you the chance to fix things about yourself maybe that your wanting to do .We sometimes lose sight of ourselves in life as well . needing a wake up call every once an a while . Having those calls in life make it worth living . showing what your truly capable of doing . Once you start doing those changes I can promise you one thing . it’s not something that your going to want to stop anytime soon . New doors will open up for you to walk through . thats the beauty about life .



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