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Forgiving & Forgiving Others

The Process Of Forgiving


When you notice a weight in your heart. Of course we try to look for the source of it . We embark on a long journey . Something happened in your life that seriously shocked you to your core . I was always told find out the why then the how becomes easer somehow. we may even have to go into areas in our life that have cause us so much pain and suffering. My oldest sister told me forgiveness is not for others , it’s for you . That one thought made me think a lot on maybe it’s time to face those pains .


One Step Back To Take Several Forward


We may need some help in doing this because again the process of facing ones pains and suffering is hard. If your just like me please look for a great therapist . Remembering those times that she was like a lighthouse to me at one point . She helped bring my ship in when I seriously needed someone . That time spent with her helped make me a better person ,mom,and business owner . In short we all need someone to listen to us judgement free zone. Never feel ashamed of seeking help when you feel it’s needed . As I always say it’s much harder to raise your hand and ask for help . Then it is to sit there and be lost and forgotten when there are plenty of others going through the same thing . need some help with this ? click here to read a blog post on just that subject .

Forgiveness Is Hard


We all want to be forgiven but we don’t want to do the forgiving. We also forgive people faster depending on the relationship we have with them.I know when it happens with your kids, dog,or family. That is given fast and right away right ? now for others not so much . my mother said we keep the love that we think we deserve . So my hugest question to you is this is . Does forgiving this person bring chaos to your home ? Now just because you forgive someone that does not mean you have to be a doormat at all . thats boundaries my friend . They can’t respect your boundaries then theres the door . in short this is your life . we only have one to live . live it to the fullest .




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