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Gardening Time

Do you have a green thumb? Not sure? No worries at all if you don’t. Research shows that all humans are attracted to plants with or without gardening powers. Well, more like plants make us happier, and there have to be some reasons why.

Your Mood
Garden lovers tend to be optimistic, which equates to low cortisol levels. Cortisol is a stress hormone, and fewer means you have a lower anxiety level, cheery temperament, and these promote strong self-worth.

Human Brain Booster
Watering, pruning, picking, and weeding are all on repeat, which promotes creativity through neural connections enhancement. You can also up your learning and knowledge power by going through rounds of planting seeds that become sprouts and emerge into plants.

Outdoor Fitness
Planting and tending your garden with tools can be a workout. Carry the soil, moving the pots, bending, lifting; you get the picture: this is all work. You are working your biceps, triceps, shoulders, and your legs. Can you say total body workout?

Natural Blood Pressure Reduction
Research done found that 7 minutes of garden time lowers your blood pressure. Gardening for 2 hours a week reduces your risk of heart attack by 27%. That is fun and beneficial.

Gardening brings on allergies of many kinds. Be aware that it is not just sneezing and wheezing; there can be skin allergies too. Know what you are touching!

There are many reasons to get your hands dirty and grow a garden. Ready to get your overalls on?

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