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Have a Banana

Bananas are packed with health benefits that often are not as well-known as they should be.
Do you have a banana with a meal or as a snack? Maybe you should!
Here are some of the good reasons why you should get a banana helping in each and every day.

Brain Benefit

Bananas help you with focusing and thinking straight. Vitamin B6 is present, and studies show it has been linked to protecting neurologic function and lower the risk of mental decline.

Heart Benefit

Bananas have potassium which aids in regulating your blood pressure. In addition to this, there are antioxidants that help your body fight damage to your cells.

Gut Benefit

Bananas have prebiotics, which is the healthy, “friendly” kind of bacteria that we need in the intestines. Loading up with the good stuff keeps that bad stuff further away and protects your immunity.

Skin Benefit

Bananas pack a punch of magnesium, which is beneficial to your skin.

Benefits of Bananas! Who Knew?
Another thing… Bananas are packed with a good amount of Vitamin C.
It might be time to get a bunch of bananas for the house.

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