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Hidden Scars

Where’s It Hurt

I learned a long time ago that some scars are hidden .We carry them throughout life not knowing it sometimes .Maybe it was a childhood problem,pain,or hurt .It affects us as we grow up into adulthood .It’s not until we actually have the strength to talk about it .That we can truly be free from all the pain of it .Sometimes sharing that pain with others can truly help someone else out .We all have this mask that we wear everyday in our life .

Let It Flow

Sometimes writing a poem,talking to someone or writing it in a journal help .Figuring how to heal past pain is very painful process to even begin . Some have the strength to confront it and get to the bottom of it . When you let it just flow naturally finally after all this time . It will so freeing to you .You will feel crazy like why did I wait so long to even do it . It may surprise you to learn that people actually think you have the perfect life . Just by what we post on social media or how much we share .

Weight Is Gone

Suddenly after that weight is gone you’re free .It’s like a chain of fear that has held you down for so long is lifted .That chain is called fear .That when you can truly shine like the star you are inside and out .If you just have the courage to confront that pain .The scar will be gone and you can move on to a much brighter future ahead of you .I can tell you it can be a very freeing thing to do .May make you feel better then before and Suddenly you will have more people coming to you then before. A can give someone a voice who has not found there own yet . It can be a very powerful thing when shared with others seeking help in that area .

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Our mission is to help our community as a whole connect with readily available resources to restore our active an inactive military families forge the bond in their life with their families.

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