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How To Become A Speaker ?


Found My Voice


On my last live someone asked me this question .Being asked that question was not one I was prepared to answer. It was a very long road to get here and learn some things about myself. The fact that no one really believed in me until I started to believe in myself. Confronting that negative nancy voice inside of me first. Being shy,wallflower,and soft spoken was very difficult. Starting off with working out was the starting point of it all .As funny as it seems that the honest truth of it . Having a very real negative self image about myself .

Confidence Is Key


Once the confidence grew with myself. Finding a way to mesh what I wanted to do with the life I was living . Learning how to make it work for myself with school,kids,and speaking took work .Starting off getting comfortable with Facebook live and being on camera . Youtube is another area that once you finish your Facebook lives upload them . Learning how to edit videos,website,and contact page to be taken professionally . Join some FaceBook groups that help others improve .It takes time to learn those things. Taking that time to learn,grow and change. Looking for some help on focusing on yourself ?

click on the picture below .

Tips On How To Grow

  • Be social ( leave your two cent to add up to a dollar daily)
  • Be on all social media platforms
  • Have a Website & contact page
  • Join Groups to improve your confidence

There are plenty of face book groups that can help you grow your confidence on camera . Heres an amazing group that has help me grow from the very beginning.

They can also help with a website as well . they are actually the ones that helped me learn everything that I do know today. I hope and wish you very well on whatever road you decide to be on or thats for you .



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