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How To Forgive Yourself


What A Day !!!


We all have those days just like everyone else in the world . You lose your temper at the kids . Coming out of a bad relationship and the kids saw what happened , and last you feel like a failure . Those times can really haunt you . They make you feel like you must be the only one in the world thats going through this . Sometimes you just feel like running away for a minute or an hour . Just so you can have some time t o just breath or just a break from it all . Guess what guys . It’s ok to have those feelings .


How To Start To Heal


The First part realizing that your doing the very best that you can do . The next one is unfortunately we can’t go back in time to change the past . We all have the power to change what happens right now in the present moment . Want to make it up to your kids,family,yourself ? Start right now !! All we can do is be the very best person that we can be . Even working moms or parents forgive yourself for not spending time with your kids . There is a balance to all of this . Sometimes we need that break that going to work gives us to focus on something either than the house . Other times it’s we need to get away from the work pressures so going home can be a blessing .


Your Finally Free


The funny thing about forgiveness of yourself is that . There is going to be a point or a time when someone comes up to you . they are going to telling you . hey !! I just wanted to let you know I saw you struggling with life . Just want to let you know that you gave me hope to push forward in my life . It is going to shock the ever loving daylights out of you . You thought you were hiding them very well . Guess what ?? Someone saw you struggle and you gave them hope . Always remember you are valuable to someone in your life even if it’s yourself . Like my grandmother always says in order to reap your harvest ,it has to rain sometimes .  Have an amazing day .



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