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Kicking Off The Morning Right

Finding The Right Combo

When I first started this now meditation thing . I found it through yoga since after you have to calm the mind first . Since I suffer from ADHD it’s pretty difficult for me . My mind is going a hundred miles a minute.I’m  thinking about what the next task is that has to be done . My First advice is to find the right yoga teacher that has the right speed . That was my jump off point and where I started with it . Once you find the right speed your golden and you get the mommy mode zen earmuffs.



The Mommy Mode Zen Earmuffs ?


Yea I totally made up that name guys . Just because it works for me and describes it to a T . You know how the whole house could be falling down around you and you can’t even hear it ? That’s mommy zen mode . The kids arguing over who has more crystal light in a glass and you don’t hear a thing . My husband askes me all the time how can you tune that out easy . It takes practice is what I always say to him . Like i said before we all need sometime to zone out .


Practice Makes perfect


I downloaded Joe Vitale meditation found the app on my iphone . I plan it out so I know I will have 20 minutes of zen mode to myself .  Lie down and put my earbuds in . Usually I make sure the kids are all asleep and nobody needs anything else from me . Then I zone out into my own zen mode . Some have asked what if you fall asleep ? The asnwer is I have sometimes done that and I just pull the earplugs out and fall right back to sleep . Next morning wake up early enough that You can have your 20 minutes of zen mode .


My Zen Mode Review

I promise you . You will feel a differance like I have . I have noticed I’am more,calmer,patient, and happier then ever before . Which in turn gives me so much more energy to take on the day and everyone at home is way more happier . As they say Happy wife ,Happy life .


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