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Love Yourself Even More

Self-Love is Important. You are Important.

Challenge yourself to love yourself even more.

Based on positive psychology and positive self-talk, these 9 exercises will help you every day.

Here are the 8 tasks:

  1. Pick a motivational phrase to say to yourself when you wake and repeat it throughout your day.

Remember positive thoughts attract positive results. Pick a mantra that makes you feel strong and confident.

  1. Smile! Smile at yourself in the mirror. Go ahead. Wink at yourself.

Smile! Smile at others. Your smile can change you and your smile has the power to change the world. And while you are there in the mirror, give yourself a high five.

(There is a lot of benefits to that high five. Check out Mel Robbins High 5 Habit book)

  1. Be proud of yourself. Carry that pride around with you.
  2. Do something that makes you happy! Read a book, see a movie, try a new craft, take a walk, visit a friend, find that happiness and do it.
  3. Complement yourself! Pat yourself on the back.
  4. Complement others! Giving others credit will benefit them and you.
  5. Don’t compare yourself to others.
  6. Journal daily – Write something nice about yourself every day.

8 tasks that vary on the difficulty, but they all work together to help you love yourself every day!

Self-love is a way to improve you and your wellness.

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