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Does My Playlist Affect My moods ?

Good Question Right ?

I have always thought so . Just was not so such of how on point I was .For those who know me .I love knowledge since it is a powerful thing .My family for as long as I can remember always played instruments .At parties, and get togethers alike .It did not matter much to them . For some odd reason I can’t drive without it being on either . learned that early on when I was learning how to drive . Loud noises like trucks,motorcycles, or anything like that would scare me .Again anxiety and depression when they are in overdrive I usually turn to music to calm me down .

Great Bang For the Buck

Yeah I titled it this because on my quest for knowledge . I stumbled onto some amazing information . which I have right on this page to help summaries it the best way I can .Music is really a huge part of everyone’s life right ? Those of us that had  moms sing to us as babies,to going to church chorus , road trip music, gym music , and home music .It’s basically everywhere we look and all around us at all times . Even times that we don’t have the radio on . We are either humming a tune,listen while studying ,or cleaning . in short again I will say it is everywhere we look . facebook,youtube,instagram,snapchat,and video gamings. How can it not have an effect on the body or our brain .so here it is .


1:Social Media And Music ?

Not everyone has social media surprisingly on ranked 45%

2: Music and Moods ?

83% Agree that taste in music changes with mood .

71% Feel That music can change with environment .

3:How people choose what songs to play in a group setting ?

44% let the majority choose

38 % Don’t bother or they fear embarrassment

4:Popularity of music apps

This was a real shocker for me since I use Iheart radio app in my car all the time .

25% of people use spotify

24 %of people use pandora

Mood & Music



With all that information means is . yup music plays a huge role in our everyday lives as a whole just like I thought . When you’re happy electronic,zumba,latin.reggaeton, rain down in my family . Studying music playlist is usually a blues,R&B,old school hip hop .While I drown out the noise of the household since my Family tends to do everything at full volume .Especially if I’am angry I have to turn down my inner gangster rap and earplug since my little ones repeat everything .Music just takes people to a place sometimes . It’s so full of emotional and when you connect it to video . Thats has a very powerful impact on most people .

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