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Self-belief and the struggle

Living and existing

Yes there is a huge difference between the two in my opinion . Having been on both ends of the spectrum . Living is waking up every morning . Not dreading what the day holds for you . Knowing what needs to be done . Rocking it out of the park . The attitude of first thing life wants to do is try me . Don’t . That feeling of complete empowerment . Nothing or no one will stop you included yourself. Now existing is just going through the motions . Knowing I have stuff to do and whatever . Not caring about what’s going on at that point in time . Just going through the motions of life . Sound familiar ?

Hope Floats

It may sound cheesy but it really does . Some of us need to know that help is out there . If it gets too dark in that hole where you feel like you’re drowning .There is help out there for someone . They even have places that will text with you if you feel you need it . In those moments put your hand on your heart . That’s your purpose. Everyday you wake up in the morning . Take everyday one minute at a time . One day at a time . Always remember in order to reap your harvest , it has to rain sometimes .


Ripple effect

Funny thing about ripples . It just takes one drop of water in a large body of it to see it happen . It takes one person to start a movement . For others to see that it can be done . Funny how early morning walks when no one’s up . You think you’re alone can suddenly have people stopping to ask if you do this every morning . Not only does it make you feel great . Means that there is value in the little things that you do . Even when you thought no one was watching you . I say this because it has happened to a few of us . You never know who you’re inspiring in this world . Even when you’re doing the simple things in life . Remember you have value , beautiful,or handsome for the guys that I know are watching .  Those dark times and stormy times won’t last forever .


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