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Showing Love To Those Around You

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when you have families, friends and the ones who help you while working .they may feel left out of your life and unappreciated at times . have you notice the kids acting lately? grades slipping ? husbands or family members starting to complain ? there was once a long time ago when I’m sure you felt the same way right ? Needing help on focusing?

Time To Take A Look

how do we even begin to make it up to them ? we sometimes get so busy with the everyday work that we forget to even say those words . words like I’m sorry , I love you and appreciate you . those small little words make all the differentance in the world to them . I even told my oldest boys how much i appreciate them . I wanted to name 3 things in a day that they had stepped up and helped . maybe it was helping me take there twin sisters to the bathroom ? helping me with dinner tonight ? and helping by not fighting with each other . when he said you actually saw that mom ? it made it all clear how he thought I had not taken notice . I even did this exercise with my husband . it ended up bring us even closer as a family.

The Lesson Learned

it’s crazy how when you take the time to appreciate those that help you . you end up with a much happier home . plus when you take a look around . let’s be honest you even feel better right? the house is calmer and you now set some boundaries . as far as when you shut down electronics and spend some family time . turn on the do not disturb button on all social media . days off can actually be like charging your batteries . It’s funny how time has a way of showing us what is really important.

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