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Turkey Bacon Burgers Made Easy

The Craving begins

When I started on my road to health I had some road blocks to take down . First and foremost I’am a complete carnivore . I really dislike vegetables and you can underline that statement . That is where my mad scientist cooking comes into play . I dislike complex recipes !! It’s just that simple for me and I know from you as well . I need to satisfy a craving and please don’t tell me I can’t . I knew my second hurdle to jump over was finding a way to take it out the game . Once you know the weakness for you then it will become easier to take it down .


The Burger Showdown

I love burgers !!! I needed to find a way to make it better ,simple, and easy . That is where the birth of the turkey bacon burger came in . How did I come up with this idea ?? Simple bacon makes everything better . Plus you do what everyone tries to do find a loophole to eat my guilty pleasure without the guilt .I have four kids and I need simple for my everyday life . I mean who needs all the craze recipes and added hours to go come up with a meal . So here is my Big Sexy Turkey Bacon Burger .

What You Will Need :

Cheese Grater

1 LB of Ground Turkey

Optional (1/2 LB of Lean Beef)


Weber Grill Gourmet Burger seasoning

A sheet of Parchment paper

Turkey Bacon

The Break Down

Once you put the ground turkey in a bowl . You take your cheese grater and onion that is peeled and grate some of the onion into the burger meat . Use your nose for this because everyone is different so I can say No more then 1/4 of a cup . Now with that said I use way less because onion is pretty strong flavor just my opinion be careful .  Now I sprinkle the Weber grill seasoning into the meat . I would say 1 tablespoon for the above recipe . Mix together and be careful not to over mix . Put the seasoned meat back in the fridge for at least an hour to firm up and marinade . Use a sheet of parchment paper to keep it from sticking to the plate . Use the 1 cup measuring cup to section out the meat and form the patty’s . You can use the grill or the stove top if you like .

Lets Eat The Beast

Now make sure you cook up the bacon first before the burgers because they tend to take the longest !!! dress your burger up the way the way you like it and eat . Now you can pair it with garlic roasted red potatoes to substitute the fries  . Warning After you have these burgers it may be hard to find another .




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