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Vault series 2 what’s wrong ?



The Process


I have found Myself getting anxious,nervous, and scared . To never trust anyone fully is what I learned at such a young age . I did always ask what’s wrong with me ? As a child of a broken home . Don’t we always ask those questions . I always thought if I was a good little girl . Maybe I could fix the family . That’s where we started talking about this week . Those very real feelings that I never even told anyone about before .


What’s wrong with me ?


To be honest that question came up a lot . Guess being young you ask it a lot . Then over time to protect yourself . Saying in your mind . Who cares ! I’m fine by myself ! We don’t need you ! In all reality every father daughter dance . To see all the other kids have such an amazing time . Me it would break my heart . Once you realize that it’s not your problem to fix . Nothing was ever wrong with me but him . His loss was my gain . Made it hurt even less then before . Just saying that made me feel it . To get validation of this made me feel even better then before .


Honest Truth


People will always try to stop someone from achieving whatever goal they set . The point to all of this is this . Nothing is wrong with you . First you have to start believing it yourself . She also said when something traumatic happens we have two responses fight or flight . I know what choice I made . Which is just that to fight each and every time . Now the real question is which one will you choose? When your ready to make that decision you will . We are so strong that our own brain will protect itself. When facing a traumatic experience it will have you forget it . To help save you from any more undue stress and worry . Only till you start talking about it . Does it start to come back to you . That’s how strong we really are . Now isn’t that amazing.




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