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What You Focus On Grows


Changing The Mindset


As soon as the alarm clock in the morning goes off .I already have my ipod set on something positive. It use to really bother my husband that I would have motivational videos going while the kids are moving in the morning . he did not understand the concept behind then but now he does . The kids know i use that to help me refocus on something more mindful then complaining . Also notices that when one parent gets worked up so do the kids. They actually learned some tools to use when there day is not going the way they want it to .

Haters Are Fans


Yes you read that right . Haters are fans if you really think about it . Got this little insight from my grandmother . They are usually the first to rub your nose in it if you fail . In the same token they are also the first ones to came asking you for something once you succeed . Me being me asked her so what do you when they come calling on you grandma ? She said you listen and if it’s in your power to give . then you help them baby . Having issues with haters ? check out our blog post on just that topic .


Wise Words from Grandma

She also said in the world we live in there is a give and take . In my life help those that need it if you can . she also said You will never be without in this world .Which she is pretty right on the button with that comment .No matter how far off or badly you are  some how I would find a way to make it work . what ever you chose to focus on in your life .Whether it be physical,financial or emotional change in your life . Focus on it to bring it to your life .



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