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The bigger Picture

I’m So Proud Of You

This is what Maybe everyone is looking for . To hear those words said to you . Man it makes your heart sing . Makes you feel that all the struggles and sacrifices you made were worth it . Thinking you have to follow a set path in front of you . Searching for that approval of your mother , father or family member. I often wonder where that thought popped into our head . That you have to do it this way in order for me to be proud of you . Funny thing is life does not always go as planned . Not even with the best intentions does it . Then your left with the question what now ? needing some inspiration ? click here for our blog post on that .poem called the silent cry


Went Left Instead Of Right

Life happens to us all . Heck I can tell you from personal experience. I wanted to go to college but had no idea what I wanted to study . Funny as it may seem . Most people are just like me . They have no clue what they wanted to dedicate there life to . For the others they may have outgrown that field that they thought they wanted so much . Guess what it’s ok to change your mind .

Your True Self

When your actually being true to who you are . It’s ok to not know what’s next . Just living in that moment and growing . Take time to enjoy where you are in your life . Looking up every once and a while . If you don’t like where your at . Leave or change it . I wake up everyday now happy , stress free and smiling . Why ? When you finally find what your passionate about . It’s not work anymore . It’s you living in your element and watch how the doors open for you . The best day of my life was when my mom said Stephanie  I have always been proud of you . As long as your happy , healthy and smiling . You could never let me down . Knowing she feels like that gave me the strength to find my purpose in life . So what are you waiting for ? Go out there and for fill your dreams .

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