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What Inner Dialogue Looks Like

Inner Dialogue


We all have this inner dialogue with ourselves at some point in time. It’s how we deal with whatever life throws at us.Don’t you often wonder if we all do the same thing ? there are plenty of times in life that we have to suck it up buttercup and do what we have to do.even if we don’t feel like it at the time. We even have to go as far as to shake ourselves out of a funk if we haver been in it for a while.


What Does It Look like?


Exploring that aspect of inner dialog is what this poem is all about. How that conversation would play out in front of someone. That time where your just so beat up and tired in life. You just want to say forget it all. at those times while going through this is the point where something just clicks inside you. That talk you have with yourself to stop you from just walking away from it all.that a question that most of us are not even prepared to answer at all.We are to sacred to actually show someone what we look like at our lowest point in life.



I’m Done


peeling back the layers of the internal workings and showing what a tired person looks like. pretty sure that whatever struggles you are or have been going through. what does that pain look like? some people are visual . which means they need to see what it would look like in order to understand. kind of like look at the person’s shoes instead of walking a mile in them.Hopefully this poem gives some others some insight on what it looks like .We all have battles that we don’t tell anyone that we are fighting. Our own inner demons that come out at different points in time in life.


Just Don’t Understand


how do you put into words what pain your feeling emotionally ? it takes a very brave person to just lay it out all bare for the world to see. Being vulnerable and sharing your pain is the hardest thing ever. The craziest part about it is we will try to avoid being vulnerable because we are scared that someone might hurt our feelings. We wrote a blog another blog post on needing a hug .click on the picture down below to read it.


The Truth


finally just being true to yourself. talking with someone and sharing what your going through . it can help you on so many different levels here. If you are having some very negative thoughts going through your mind. please reach out and get some help. your not alone and we have all been there. For those interested in what that pep talk look like for most of us.

Pep talk

On a mission in life to find my own purpose

Constantly questioning and asking if I’m going in circles

My feet maybe weary ,heart rather broken , my hand bloody and blistered

Yet I keep moving forward

There are time I get too tired to move

I sit,cry and ask why me ?

My answer came in a blinding light

As I silently cried through the night with bloodshot eyes

I don’t want you to be happy but I need you to be strong

Can you do this for me ?

Can you just hold on ?

You may not see your strength at this turbulent moment

There’s a lesson to be learned through your pain , tears and sorrow

At the end of the day ,after it’s all said and done

You will stand on top of that mountain of victory

Breath robbed by its beauty

Believe in yourself like; l believe in you

If you feel lost and alone

Don’t worry I’ll guide you.

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