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When It’s Time To Let Go

  Wisdom From Our Elders   Defiantly love talking to our elders. They just possess such wisdom in almost all matters.As usually what happens a question pops up in my... Continue Reading

The Survivors Legacy

A look Inside The Pain We as people especially those that have been through some thing. How do I put it? We don’t want anyone’s pity.let’s be real here you... Continue Reading

Why Do I Need To Change

The Journey   We all know it’s not the journey but the destinantion.For some that maybe true but for others the whole process of change can be uncomfortable to say... Continue Reading

Let’s hear That Roar

The Lesson In life there will always be a time where you have to start looking deeper. Maybe reading in-between the lines of certain things in  life.Asking yourself why is... Continue Reading

Warrior cry

  Mentality Growth   In order to grow we have to go through those hard times. Those memories help us learn what we want and who we are are people .... Continue Reading

Enough Is Enough

Energy shift   For the past two weeks I have noticed a lot of judgement post , just negativity in the air around . Even people just interacting with each... Continue Reading